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SOC and cybersecurity services: building your cyber defence

Our joint mission is to support complex organizations in implementing a 360°  cyber defence, combining the Security Operations Center (SOC) operated by Axians Switzerland and the E-Venture Business Solutions' local presence and experience in cyber security governance.

E-Venture Business Solutions
Axians Switzerland

Axians Switzerland Tyre4 Datacenter and analyst experts for a 24/7  service without needing to access the Clients' data.

Respecting Data Protection Law, data are not sent out from the Client's infrastructure or abroad.

We talk the business language. We apply NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) methodologies to integrate the client's processes and procedures.

We believe in the direct contact with the Client.

E-Venture Business Solutions is  your local partner for your cyber projects.

Make sure your data stays where it belongs:
with you.

Axians Switzerland and E-Venture Business Solutions: the power of a Tier4 Datacenter, capable of providing 360 degrees SOC services worldwide, and the international experience in ICT project development.

We support your business in developing the cyber security governance respecting the legal framework, and we implement the SOC services without your assets leaving your Datacenter.


26 countries with Axians locations


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Cyber security experts across Axians HUB


Cyber security experts in Switzerland

Talking about numbers

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) operated by Axians: your first port of call when dealing with cyberthreats.

Axians Switzerland and  E-Venture Business Solutions to provide SOC services and Cyber expertise in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Financial institutions, Healthcare and Energy organizations in the Middle East face challenging cyber risks, being the top target for cybercriminals for the past five years, and the volume of attacks is considerably increasing. 

In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), over 62 million email threats, 155K URL-hosted attacks, 28 million URL victims, seven million malware detections, and another 2133 banking malware happened only during the first half of 2021.

Establishing a robust cyber security posture is a demanding, multifaceted task that requires a joint effort of an entire organization together with external partners.

For many institutions building cyber security infrastructure like a Security Operations Center (SOC) and setting up the operating with security specialists 24 hours a day is a tremendous challenge and entails massive costs. 

Axians Switzerland's SOC Tier4 Datacenter has an advanced IT infrastructure operating with over 60 security specialists 24 hours a day, seven days per week, capable of handling worldwide Clients, with the ability to share its experience with more than 300 analysts over the Axians corporate international network.

Axians Switzerland, in partnership with E-Venture Business Solutions, has recently used the opportunity to invest in the rapidly expanding Swiss innovation hub uptown Basel and established a modern Security Operations Center. 

Integrating cutting-edge technology within business governance is the critical success factor to develop efficient cyber security defences. The Partnership between Axians Switzerland and E-Venture Business Solutions supports every organization in implementing corporate cyber security frameworks, thanks to the Security Operations Center and the business consultants' local market presence.

The urgency of improving cyber security and data protection efforts was evident in the Financial Institutions sector with the Central Bank of Bahrain's Rulebook, which concisely articulates relevant cyber security requirements. 

According to CBB and regulations such as PCI DSS, financial institutions should define and regularly revise a holistic cyber security strategy guided by state-of-the-art security resources like the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

It is now a requirement for Financial Institutions to develop a cyber security policy with components like asset management, threat detection, incident response and cyber resilience.

Dealing with potential security incidents necessitates using state-of-the-art SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to recognize potential threats and frequently updated incident response procedures. 

Another vital topic is data privacy: Bahrain's Personal Data Protection Regulation provides data processing and protection directions. 

The CBB poses even more rigid requirements about incidents and data breaches.

Here Axians unique approach to cyber defence shines, allowing client data to remain on-site and keeping in line with relevant data protection policies. 

Because we ensure that the data stays in our client's country, customers keep sovereignty and control over their data, and data security continues to be subject to national laws. 

We enhance our client's security posture and deliver along with the strict requirements of CBB using modern and combining innovative SIEM technology from Europe with time-tested best practices and industry expertise, investigating threats in-depth, and integrating threat intelligence.


Modern equipment and security-conscious architecture design ensure high-security standards for the SOC itself and, by extension, the client's infrastructure, which is logically separated and protected to minimize security risks. 

Moreover, we pursue a holistic approach to cyber security, which involves both IT and operational technology (OT) expertise, including highly skilled network specialists and forensic analysts, sharing experience through Axians' global network of SOCs.

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